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We are looking to grow! Specifically we are seeking new talent interested in: writing, web design, graphic design, photography, sketching/drawing, being funny, marketing, big-timey business-stuff etc.


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Off Leash is the only University of Washington humor site, providing news, articles, opinions, and more-- all with absolutely zero bounds. It was founded on the belief that the University takes itself too seriously. The writers hope that it can be passed down for student enjoyment for many years to come, and ultimately make this whole school just a little funnier.

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Off Leash is also committed to growing in both size and diversity. Any interest in joining, supporting, or even just learning more should contact the writers through their administrative email: OffLeashNews@gmail.com


Events and opinions are entirely not real and are for entertainment purposes only. They are mostly based off deep-seeded, repressed beliefs of the writers. Please direct all problems and issues to our Senior Public-Relations Vice-Manager, who can be reached at (425) 773-0572

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