University Left Reeling After Professor Drops “F-Bomb” Mid-Lecture

February 17, 2018

“I just didn’t know they could do that”, said one student following an anonymous Professor’s radical decision to cuss in a 400 person lecture. “It’s just such an informal approach, like he really connected with me” said another, going on to say that her decision to pursue an economics major comes as the direct result of the Professor’s ability to make the content relatable.


The decision to use the F-Word was met with screams, laughter, bewilderment, and silence. Such unhinged candor from a University professional is sure to send ripples across both the school and academia itself, as individuals deal with a possibility that professors are real people, desperately seeking approval just like the rest of us.


But is nothing sacred? Can a Professor really say swear-words during lectures without there being serious disciplinary actions, if not outright termination?


We’ve reached out to faculty members across the school, as to the status of the Professor’s tenure. While any inquiries have been met with silence, the editors and I have decided to leave out the name of the Professor.



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