New “Bundy Hall” Met With Surprisingly Positive Reception

February 18, 2018

UW faculty is feeling relieved, as the renaming of the communications building as “Bundy Hall” has students feeling happy. What was initially met with skepticism has been receiving widespread support by the student body.


“At first I was like, did we just name a building after one of the world’s most prolific raping-murderers” pondered one student. She goes on, “but then I was like, what’s a Suzzallo? Kane definitely isn’t a name. But Bundy, yeah that dude’s real just like me.” Many students have joined her in the decision that “Bundy Hall” will be their studying destination of choice.


Students also point to the dimly-lit, somewhat scary ambiance as providing a dark, yet inviting studying atmosphere. The fact that many communications majors have gone missing has also added to the mystique of the newly named hall. Where do they go? Are they OK? Questions such as these only add to the budding popularity of “Bundy Hall”


While some pointed to “Bundy Hall” as a cash-grab by the University attempting to grab attention based off the more well-known successes of certain alum, most now see it as a back-to-their-roots approach by the University.


In closing, Off Leash can only view “Bundy Hall” as a representation that the University of Washington has grown some self-awareness and some gumption. You go UW.



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