Touching: Business Student Lands Job At Dad's Company

March 8, 2018



Early this Wednesday, a bright-eyed business undergrad achieved his dream. After attending dozens of networking career fairs and submitting nearly a handful of internship applications, this young student at the Michael G. Foster School of Business finally received the job offer at his dad’s financial firm.


“It was a huge relief, I had spent like, almost an hour researching possible employment prospects over the last two years. But that’s not even it because then I spent, like days applying for internships and jobs. I even applied for a start-up...a start-up!” He chuckled to himself before nodding his head seriously, “big things in the works here”. I continued to ask him if there is anything he would like tell his fellow students to help them model his successes.


He thought about this deliberately before saying, “I guess I would tell them to trust the system, pick themselves up by the bootstraps, and keep their head on the grind day-in and day-out. I didn’t have any help in this, none of my professors thought I could do it, but, hey, look at me now.”


Truly an inspiration.


I asked what set him apart from the competition. He responded, “well I totally killed the interview and I definitely know excel.” Despite failing to obtain an internship in his three years of college, he guessed, “it must have been overlooked in the application process”.


Foster’s Career Coaches couldn’t be more proud of him, one saying “yeah you just can’t teach what that kid’s got. And I mean, credit where credits due, but his story really shows the value of attending our Resume Workshops”.


Well there you have it. Some people have that “it” factor and others don’t. What exactly “it” consists of is unclear, but that “it” factor somehow distinguished this particular student. To those of you who worry about their careers after college, all I can say is, be more like this exemplary student.


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