List: 10 Ways to Nonchalantly Bring Up Your SAT Score

March 27, 2018




1. Comment on how SAT scores do not denote a person’s intelligence (be sure to add your score here cause then you can complain about your grades, making you seem self-deprecating and grounded).


Ex. “I hate when people think good SAT scores mean that they are smart. I mean, I got a 2280, but I'm failing Bio 200.”


2. Defend UW to your friend who goes to Berkeley.


Ex. “There are a lot of smart people here at UW,” “Uh huh.” “yeah I got like a 2280 and I go here.”


3. Write it on a piece of paper and drop it accidentally.


Ex. “Oops, let me grab that.” “Why does that piece of paper say 2280 on it?” “Oh, it's my SAT score but I didn’t mean to drop it.”


4. Inscribe it on a JUUL and go to a party.


Ex. “Hey can I hit your JUUL?” “Yeah, sure.” “What is 2280?” “Oh its my SAT score, don’t know why its on there.”


5. Tattoo it on your leg.


Ex. “Hey what does your tattoo mean?” “Oh August 22nd, 2007, the Texas Rangers beat the Baltimore Orioles 30-3, scoring the most runs by a team in modern major league history.” “Oh, cool.” “It's also my SAT score.”


6. Tattoo it on your arm.


Ex. “Hey did you get the same tattoo twice?” “It is the day grandma passed.” “Oh I’m so sorry.” “Yeah, the SAT is just more my way of thinking than the ACT.”


7. Complain about the new version of the SAT.


Ex. “I just don’t get how it works anymore,” “Yeah.” “Like I don’t even know like what 2280 would be on the new test”


8. Just tell them.


Ex. “I got a 2280 on the SAT.” “Wow... can you please order something”


9. Make it your phone passcode and ask a friend to add “Africa” by Toto to the queue.


Ex. “Okay yeah what's your passcode?” “Its my SAT score” “...” “2280.”


10. Write an article about it.



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