“Not Enough LimeBikes”, Reports Blind Man

March 25, 2018

Since their introduction in the University District, LimeBikes quickly became 22 year old student Alex Johnson’s preferred means of travel. He says that “just because he lacks the ability to see, doesn’t mean he can’t get some light exercise on his way to class”. Lately, however, Johnson’s cheap and convenient transportation has been harder and harder for him to find.


“Sometimes it takes me up to ten minutes of waving a stick and wandering around before I can find one”, he laments, “I can hardly get anywhere on time anymore”.


His suffering has so far gone unnoticed, with few being able to comprehend the difficulty of locating one of the green bikes when one lacks vision.


“I don’t know what to do anymore, I keep having to walk further and further distances while swinging larger and larger sticks” (which has been very straining on his pitching arm).


When reached for comment, LimeBike CEO and co-founder Toby Sun swore to increase efforts in providing a service that does not discriminate against the visually challenged. He went on to promise that in only a few years, there would be absolutely zero chance for people like Johnson to walk ten feet without tripping over a LimeBike.


When asked if scarcity might force him towards other bike-sharing companies, such as Ofo, Johnson scoffed at the idea.

“You mean those yellow bikes? I can’t even imagine how stupid I would look on a yellow bike.”


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