New Study Confirms Doug is as Special as His Mom Always Said

April 14, 2018

Friends, professors, and ex-girlfriends were surprised by the results of a recent study on student Doug Thompson, but his mother was not.


Last week, UW researchers released data that corroborated Mrs. Thompson’s long-held belief that Doug is “very special” (Wang, et al. xxi). The data shows that Doug “can do anything he sets his mind to” and that over the years, “Doug has really grown into a very handsome young man” (Wang, et al. 13).


“I’m not surprised by the results of the study at all,” Doug’s mom said. “I’ve always said that he’s very talented and has a lot of potential.”


Appropriately, much of the study focused on Doug’s potential and how effectively he is tapping into it. Results indicate that if Doug has ever struggled to achieve something or felt inadequate, it was merely because he “needs to believe in himself more” and “really put himself out there because he has so much to offer” (Wang, et al. 9).


“It’s like I’ve always told him,” Mrs. Thompson said. “’You’re such a smart, talented boy, Doug. If you just put yourself out there more, everyone would see that.’ I’m really glad my hypothesis has been backed up by science.”


Despite the way Doug sometimes feels and certain comments that his father has made throughout his life, the research also shows that Doug is “just as good as his older brother, Kevin” and that “it’s okay if Doug doesn’t do as well in sports or school as Kevin because everybody has different talents and Doug should just focus on being the best version of himself he can be” (Wang, et al. 21).


Unfortunately, falling into the “very special” category, Doug is a few points short to qualify for being “boundless” and will be transferring to WSU next year because “some people do better in less competitive environments” (Wang, et al. 23).



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