Homesick Student Caresses Parents’ Names on Foster Donor Wall

May 2, 2018


Tears were shed Tuesday at 9:23 a.m. when Toby Carter, a UW freshman (and Foster School of Business Direct-admit) shared a sentimental moment with his parents, prominent residents of the Bay Area. The homesick student had been feeling “pretty shitty” ever since returning from Cabo last month, and decided to seek out his parents for help. Onlookers gaped as Carter approached the wall in the Paccar lobby bearing his parents’ names and gently stroked the wall. One source reports seeing a tear run down Carter’s cheek, suggesting that he may have been crying softly behind his sunglasses.


“It was just, like, really touching. That someone could have a connection with their parents like that, so real and raw, it was like, inspiring,” reported bystander Lisa Redding, a sophomore who sat behind Toby when they both retook Accounting 215. Other onlookers seemed to agree that Toby Carter was a boy with feelings, with one even saying “I would let him come to my house and meet my brother if that helps, I guess.”


After 27 seconds of interaction with his parents, Carter slowly backed away from the wall and was approached by his friend Peter, who slapped him on the back and proposed they “go light one up for the homies.” Revelations that Carter is in fact, more sensitive than other boys his age, continue to astound. Multiple sources confirm he only missed his mother’s birthday by a single day and routinely picks up calls from his grandparents, provided they call between his noon wake-up time and before his evening rally. He once brought his ex-girlfriend some tulips cut from her own garden and consistently ponders about his friend’s lives, sending Peter a “wassah’ bruh” text every so often.


With his composure regained and a friend by his side, Toby Carter is feeling ready to do no better and try no harder than he did last quarter. He and Peter will both intern at the Carter Family Foundation in Oakland over the summer.




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