“Professors are training activists, not educating students,” Reports Guy Who Didn’t go to College

October 21, 2018


"Professors are training activists, not educating students,” Turning Point Co-Founder Charlie Kirk reported at a speech on campus last Thursday. In a brave show of force, rejecting the inevitable liberal bias that would be instilled in him, Kirk did not attend college himself.


“Gotta put your money where your mouth is, is what I always say,” Kirk said in an interview with Off Leash. This is, of course, in reference to his choice in accepting his rejection from the Military Academy at West Point and his later drop out from Baylor University. The groundbreaking political figure went on to detail the various methods these professors are eliciting in turning their students against the conservative cause.


“In these colleges, of which I did not attend, you will hear them chastising the free market capitalist system that has made our country so great,” Kirk continued. “These business schools will teach you that you should not take part in a free market economy, they will tell these students that they should not strive to build their own enterprise and will deter students from finding individual success in the business world. I know this to be fact. I did not attend business school.”


“His message really resonates with me,” William Stevenson, known by associates as “Bootstrap Bill”, stated. “In my econ classes, all we talk about is the collective allocation of national resources for the good of the state. My professor even disallowed us to obtain summer internships as it ‘feeds into the capitalist machine propagated by the elite class’.”


Kirk’s speech last Thursday was one stop in Turning Point’s “Campus Clash” series where he and Candlice Ohwens attend colleges to lecture to students in lecture halls about conservative values.


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