Thing Still There

January 27, 2019


An Off Leash News exclusive investigative report can confirm that as of January 27th, 2019: the thing is still in the place it has been.


As seen in the above picture, the thing clearly still not only exists, but more specifically, exists there. In the spot that, presumably, it has been in. Attempts at moving the thing from the place proved futile, leading many to conclude the thing is there to stay.


Queries with the people who we believe set up and potentially own the thing only went to further confirm the thing is there. One of the people related to the thing (in some administrative sense, we presume) declared, “Yes we know the thing is still there. While at a later date we may move the thing from the location it is in, we cannot offer specifics of neither the timing of said movement, nor the final location the thing might be moved to.”


What is the purpose of the thing? A question we did not ask. Why was the thing put there? The answer was not one we sought. Rather, we are only writing this so as to confirm that the thing is there.


We are assuming that the thing being there could lead to a reaction among students. Some may be excited about the thing being there, some might be angry -- who are we to say? What’s important though, is that the thing is undoubtedly in the place.


You know the one.  


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