New Wallingford Study Abroad Program Receiving Record Applicants

February 24, 2019




Wallingford, Seattle, known for its pricey single family homes and Oprah’s favorite fried chicken establishment, has been added to the CHID study abroad catalogue. Tired of Rome and Sydney, students are ready to explore countries untouched by European influence and give their feet a break from cigarette-littered cobblestones. In addition, transportation to this North Seattle destination will be free with U PASS, making the program significantly cheaper than traveling to Europe, Asia, or South America.


Aside from world famous Ezell’s and the 45th Poke Stop N’ Shop, students seemed amazed by the mysterious culture and landmarks of Wallingford. “I’ve been to Ozzie’s a few times for karaoke nights, but other than that I’ve never explored the area. I’m interested in seeing what kinds of products they have at CVS! Do they even wear deodorant over there?” Aaron, a dipshit who probably won’t get into the program because he doesn’t realize that Ozzie’s is in Queen Anne, said.


Some students have already experienced the single landmark of Wallingford: Gas Works Park. “I just love drinking wine at sunsets with my sorority sisters at Gas Works!” Lizzie, a biology major who needs to fulfill her VLPA requirements said. “Plus I can Postmates Pad Thai from Thaiger room if I’m tired of eating fried chicken every day.”


The King County Metro Transit can take students in and out of Wallingford, and is easily navigable by the smartphone application, One Bus Away. Want to see the random Lenin statue in Fremont? It’s only one bus away. How about contract the common cold from standing too close to the Bubble Gum wall? One bus away. Or how about go back to your roots and visit a world renowned extensive catalogue of modern art, such as the Henry Art Gallery? One bus away, and free with your husky card. Looking for a party scene? No worries, the light rail is only one bus away; you will be in Cap Hill in a jiffy.


With only 25 available spots and over 400 applicants, professors will have a tough time choosing who is qualified to experience the wonder and magic Wallingford has to offer. Ultimately, admissions officials are indicating their chief concern among potential candidates is their ability to navigate 45th.


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