UW College Republicans to Launch Campaign Reclaiming the W-Word

May 3, 2019


Off Leash News was given the amazing opportunity to sit down with Dodge Sullivan, the president of the UW College Republicans, to discuss the inspiration behind the launch of their brand new campaign “Caucasian Liberation.” The campaign is centered around the reclamation of the W-word.


When asked about his inspiration for the project Sullivan stated that the idea came to him one morning while he was staring into the sweet, sweet eyes of his framed portrait of Rudy Giuliani. Sullivan elaborated that “for years now caucasian people, especially caucasian males, have been harassed simply based on the color of their skin.” Sullivan went on to explain that he has been called incredibly derogatory names such as “white boy” and “straight white dude” when he was simply trying to express his respectable opinions about the superiority of the caucasian race.


The College Republicans believe that reclaiming the W-word will assist in ending the deeply entrenched discrimination caucasians struggle with in the midst of institutional policies such as affirmative action. Sullivan admitted that change won’t be easy, “the shackles of whiteness are strong, but when we finally claim the word as our own, something to shout from the rooftops, my struggle, our struggle, will all be worth it.”


Nearing the end of an emotional interview, Sullivan grabbed the interviewer's hand and looked him dead in the eyes. With a single tear rolling down his cheek he said “I am doing this for every white high schooler sitting in his Bellevue home, hiding his love for capitalism and hatred for the poor, simply because his views don't align with the snowflakes that control the system. One day, the system will be yours too lil buddy.” A moving quote, from a passionate caucasian man.


If you would like to get involved, you can follow the UW College Republicans on twitter and tweet them with #MYWHITEISRIGHT.


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