Poli-Sci Snafu! Somebody Put White-Out on All These Textbook References to Hong Kong

October 11, 2019


Early this morning political science administrators were super embarrassed to find that some prankster had totally gone and put white-out on every reference to Hong Kong across the political science department’s textbooks. 


“Boy-oh-boy, were our faces red,” said Randy Aberg, Dean of the College of Political Science, “we were all like, woh, no way! How unfortunate.” 


Despite some backlash, administrators are hoping students will just look the other way, pointing out that textbooks are pretty expensive and it’s not like the school’s made of money or anything. 


But this wasn’t the only oopsiedaisy felt on campus this week, as staff at the geography department were super surprised when all the maps of Asia suddenly had small controlled burn marks on China’s southeastern coast (and another in the Pacific Ocean). 


“Well nothing to do now, I can’t even remember the bits that went there,” reports Professor of Geography Karen Shirz, “guess we’ll just have to write ‘another part of the glorious People’s Republic of China' there … or something like that, I don’t know yet.”  


Some less-than-chill students were apparently a little freaked out about something, but UW administration has assured them that, "just because it seems like stuff is related, doesn't mean it is." Students that successfully forgot about the whole thing and moved on all received four free months of Apple Music subscriptions as well as two Houston Rockets tickets. 


When reached for comment, President Ana Marie Cauce must have missed when a reporter mentioned “Hong Kong”, due to an air horn that coincidentally went off in her hand.

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