Sneak Peak at Winter 2020’s Hottest Course: COM 263, Intro to Cancel Culture

November 4, 2019


Happy Week 6, dawgs! 


We are officially halfway through fall quarter, so set your 5:55 AM alarms, and get ready to fight to the death to register for the classes you want. As your go-to source for campus tips and tricks, we wanted to highlight a new UW course that might be of interest to you. 


Buckle up folks, because the College of Arts and Sciences finally got enough funding to introduce a course you might like: COM 263, Introduction to Cancel Culture. 


With guest speakers from TMZ, Barstool Huskies, and even a self-employed Instagram model with 2,500 followers, COM 263 will teach students how to join the ruling class of global citizens: influencers. Not only that, but it will equip each and every dawg to cover up their mistakes well enough to avoid the irreversibly damaging fate of being “canceled”.


“It’s not that we care too much about our image at all,” said President Ana-Marie Cauce, “I just want to make sure that if any of our students end up verified on social media, that they won’t be making a James Charles level scandal happen that could reflect badly on us, you know?” President Cauce, a victim of being “canceled” countless times, plans to make several appearances in lectures as an advocate for those who have experienced warranted moral obliteration on social media, as well. 


While the main learning objectives for this course are preventative measures, including segments on Instagram captioning and emoji use, the UW Communications Department hopes that it can leave each and every individual with some element of hope that even if they do something unethical, or even just mildly annoying enough to draw the attention of such a large and influential force, they still might be able to pursue a career in B-Movie acting. 


That’s all for now! If you need more information, visit Time Schedule to find a bunch of other interesting courses that definitely could be offered next quarter.

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